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General and Professional Education
1/2016 pp. 26-32

Концепция одновременного обучения студентов направления «конструирование машин» трехмерному моделированию и виртуальным испытаниям путем МКЭ-анализа

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The conception of simultaneous teaching to 3D-modeling in CAD and to virtual testing of three-dimensional constructions in CAE is suggested. On the base of real objects models the distribution of stress and strain in constructions elements is presented. The possibility of the most dangerous areas finding-out to accept the practical decisions for exit from difficult situations is shown. The value of the base skills of CAD/CAE intercommunication for students of the machine building specialties is obvious.

Słowa kluczowe

machine building, 3D-model, virtual testing, FEM-analysis, state of stress and strain, stress concentration, contact


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