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General and Professional Education
2/2016 pp. 49-56

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Along with the development of technologies used on ships and their full automation, there are more and more restrictive requirements concerning the education of future engineer officers and electro-technical officers. Global rules on training students force universities to ensure a professional teaching base. Training simulators operating in virtual reality are currently one of the best ways of educating students and verifying the level of skills among officers. One of the basic safety conditions on ships is to ensure continuity of power supply for all devices. Knowledge of the functioning of marine power plant becomes crucial. The article presents possibilities of using the electric power plant simulator from Gdynia company under the name UNITEST in the process of educating students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Maritime University of Szczecin.

Słowa kluczowe

quality of education, STCW Convention, marine power plant simulator, Computer Based Training (CBT)


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